SilWin Miniature Schnauzers

Puppy Sales

We have a new litter of four beautiful Schnauzers puppies born April 3, 2016 and will be available when they are 8 weeks old.
These four should be Toy in size when fully grown.

Hi! My name is Ike   Hi! My name is Ike

Hi! my name is Ike.  I'm a fun loving little boy who loves to give "kisses". My coat is all white like my mamma's.


Hi! Mly name is Indy  Hi! My name is Indy

Hi! My name is Indy!  I love to play and have fun.  I, as my name suggests, am a little boy. As you can see my color is black with
a white patch on my chest, tips of some toes, and a touch of white on my chin.


Hi! My name is Ivan  Hi! My name is Ivan

Hi! My name is Ivan. I too love to play and have fun and I am also a little boy.
My coat is black with white on my chest, tips of my toes, and bit on my chin.

Hi! My name is Ivy  Hi! My name is Ivy

Hi! My name is Ivy.  I'm the little sister to those 3 boys and I don't take any nonsense from them.
As you can see my coat is black.

Photo courtesy of Maximilian Schnauzers. Used with permission.

High! My name is Oxanna and I'm the mother of these 3 rambunctious boys and sweet little girl.

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