Silver Wind Farm - Arabian Sport Horses

Pictures from some of our fun shows.

Amanda riding Mister     Amanda riding Mister
Amanda and SW Sun Dance+++// taking it with ease

  Brianna applying concentration     Brianna had a good day
Brianna's first show and it was a VERY GOOD DAY!

Ashely riding Sanata
Ashley on Sanata had a GREAT DAY!

Emily and Brianna               Emily on Twinkie
Emily and Brianna: First show and looking GOOD!

Scenes From Hunter Pace at Sumter Equestrian Center

Ashley Amanda
Now, what am I forgetting? I don't know, have you got your boots? Gloves? Helmet? Crop? Oh, Yes. And pony?!?

Ashley and Amanda
Good run. No emergency dismounts.

After the first couple of jumps we decided that speed was not a bad thing!